“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”      -Hippocrates (377-460 BC),

the “Father of Medicine” was on to something, unfortunately 2400 years later, we in America have not followed through. We view drugs as our medicine and that premise has left our country one of the sickest in the world.

Let us use bread as an example:

“Bromide is a dough conditioner found in most flours as potassium bromate. It came into use in the 1960’s as an “improvement” on potassium iodate.

Bromides disrupts the endocrine system and slow down the metabolism. Because bromide is also a halide (Any organic compound that contains a halogen atom can be considered a halide) it competes for the same receptors that are used in the thyroid gland (among other places) to capture iodine. This will inhibit thyroid hormone production, resulting in a low thyroid state. This throws your metabolism out of whack.

Why on earth do they use it, then?

Some commercial bakers claim they use bromated flour because it yields dependable results, and it makes more elastic dough which can stand up to bread hooks and other commercial baking tools.

The UK banned bromate in bread in 1990. 
Canada banned bromate in bread in 1994.

Back in 1999, the Center for Science in the Public Interest petitioned the FDA to prohibit the use of potassium bromate, charging that the FDA had known for years that bromate causes cancer in lab animals, but had failed to ban it.”

There is something seriously wrong in this picture and the only way to change this is for each and everyone of us to become proactive.We have to change our way of thinking about our eating habits as well as alternative medicine.

Take control of your health,become knowledgeable about what you eat and see how your life change!!!

“The inspiration for this website”     ” was initially my observation most cancers (and in time I would learn that you could extend this to heart disease, AIDS, arthritis, and a potpouri of other diseases) were not only easy to cure, but that the most effective remedies were inexpensive, had origins that took them back to antiquity, were non-toxic, and vastly superior to the majority of treatments and products that were proffered by “officialdom” — the political consortium frequently referred to as the “Medical Industrial Complex.” It was shocking to me that my government fostered such enormously unbridled tyrannical forces that prevented people from getting the care they needed. That in this one area, the force of money and power could work so ravenously to enslave people financially, and, in many cases, kill them in order to maximize profits for vested interests.

Such an insouciant response might be warranted if this were just about money. It isn’t.

It’s about killing people to make a buck — with emphasis on the killing.

We went to school and grazed on a corn-fed diet of American mythology that in a world so full of barbarism, ours was a land of freedom, equality, and justice. Ours was the American way. For a lifetime before I was exposed to the thoughts of Chomsky, Johnson, Blum, Illich, McKeown, Dubos, Zinn, Quigley, Luxemborg — and dozens of other writers and intellectuals whose work I finally took time to read while imprisoned, the first nine months of which was spent sitting in a Louisiana jail awaiting FDA charges — I was a believer.

The revelation that the world you hold so sacred is morally bankrupt — that the myths, or collective “common narrative,” you were programmed to believe are insidiously convoluted distortions of the truth — comes hard.

“It’s about real, genuine health care. It’s about a dominant human culture we can create that lives in tune with the earth after the petri dish gets cleaned out. It’s about a “startup” opportunity in the face of an inevitable collapse of our complex, “high entropy” global (“Western”) culture.

Meditopia is about a “place” of healing — for ourselves, for our environment, for the earth. The primary focus, however, is taking the unspeakable depth of corruption that has befallen our “health care system” (the cruelest misnomer and most propaganda-laden oxymoron I have ever heard), learning from its tragedy, understanding why its obliteration is a mathematical certainty (even if the “when” or the exact “trigger event” is debatable), and resurrecting a true system of health care from its ashes.

If there were some other publication or online document that addressed these issues in a coherent, cohesive way — bringing together the many diverse areas of thought and practice that would contribute to such a vision and unify its many branches, I would be its most active proponent and cheerleading activist. For a man in my circumstances, it is infinitely easier to promote someone else’s work than to go to the trouble of producing your own — at considerable expense and with no remuneration of any kind in sight, other than the deep-seated conviction that you could, in the aftermath, stare into the face of your Creator and say that you had completed your mission to the best of your earthly abilities.

With the Meditopia book you will see “the Matrix” for what it is. You will discover why it must come to an end and how you can become “unplugged.” You can tell me if you think I’m exaggerating after you’ve read the enclosed.

But first — “take the red pill.”    ”And be prepared to see just how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

An Excerpt from  Gregg Canton’s book Meditopia      see link


I could not have said it better or convey my feelings on this subject more eloquent than these words you have read above !!!

“My people perish for lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6


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