From: “Mike McGuire” <> Date: December 3, 2006 9:47:40 PM PST

To: “david gregg” <>

Subject: Re: rheumatoid arthritis

Dear David,

I have stopped taking the Celebrex altogether and only take acetaminofen occassionaly for other pains. It’s been so long, I can’t even remember when I last took it for my hands.

I really need to tell you about another success I’ve had from the research you posted on your website. This has had even more far-reaching affects than the relief of my rheumatoid arthritis.

I read your information on chronic fatigue and tried the ideas about dissolving vitamin B12 in DMSO and applying it to the skin. This one thing alone has had as much affect on overcoming my fatigue as anything my doctor or the specialists provided.

About a year and a half ago I started falling asleep at stop lights. I realized too that I had been driving the kids around with the windows down even if they were cold and the radio volume up so that I’d keep awake. This was scary and I told my doctor. He didn’t seem to like the term “chronic fatigue syndrome” but sent me for tests. He rule out narcolepsy but found that I have sleep apnoea and hadn’t had a single good night’s sleep in a long time, probably years. This thing had crept up on me and I didn’t realize there was anything wrong till I was falling asleep at the stop lights. He also found that my worsening asthma was sapping my energy. So we addressed the asthma more vigorously. I then got a CPAP (constant pressure air pump) machine that delivers compressed air to a mask I wear while I sleep, thereby increasing the oxygen and letting me fall into deep restful REM sleep. The improvement was such an incredible change that it was easy for me to see that I had had a serious condition that had come on gradually over a period of years.

That was summer of 2005. This summer (2006) I discovered your website, and, spurred on by the success I found with the L-lysene for my arthritis, I began the B12 regimen for chronic fatigue. Another incredible difference! Every bit as much of an incredible change as I had found with the CPAP machine. I actually started cleaning the garage that showed a decade of neglect, the garage that was the embarassment of the neighborhood! When I had been in the depth of my fatigue, the very thought of cleaning the long neglected garage was simply ovehwelming. As a matter of fact, just getting the kids to and from school and keeping them fed, doing the dishes, and occassionally washing some clothes was all I could manage. I was exhausted all the time. In the afternoon, I could easily fall asleep and sleep through picking up the kids. Oddly enough, I’d sit up late at night. I think now that I was resisting the idea of tossing and turning all night long only to drag myself out in the morning even more tired than the night before. Then, as I said, I got a CPAP machine and finally started getting some good sleep. I go to bed earlier and look forward to a good night’s sleep.

When I tried the B12, however, it made just as much difference, and I have returned to the world of the living.

Now I start in on a chore and don’t even think it might be overwhelming. I am no longer afraid I’ll only get halfway done and be so exhausted I’ll have to drag myself through the rest by sheer will alone and in a mental fog. Instead I look forward to how much I might get done, and how quickly I can get it done. I wake up in the morning now looking forward to what I can accomplish during the day.

More recently we found I’ve got Epstein Barr. Why I wasn’t tested initially for it I don’t know. However, I’m in the first stages of recovery, so there is nothing more my doctor can do for that (?!!). What I’m wondering is could the B12 regimen have anything to do with starting up my recovery? I’ve been taking the B12 since July, and wasn’t tested for Epstein Barr till about the first of November, about ninety days later. At the same time they also found I had already begun to recover from it.

I told my doctor about the B12 and how much better I felt, and asked if I had had a significant deficit. He said he’d add it to the order for my next blood test. Again, why wasn’t this done when I first complained of fatigue? And won’t testing after I’ve begun supplementing it show a normal level? I suppose I could go off the supplement for a month or so to get accurate test results, but I don’t want to go back to that low level of activity and foggy thinking, even for proof, if that’s what I’d get.

Now here’s the best news– we bought our first house! The market’s right and all that, but I know if I were still feeling the way I was before the B12, it would have been too overwhelming an idea. The thought alone of all that paper work would have put me off it, let alone the gargantuan task of moving (especially after a decade of neglected closets and the garage, which I had just started cleaning). We not only did it, but I did most of the work myself! This would have been impossible without the vitamin B12. Your work has not only shown me how I might overcome my rheumatoid arthritis but my chronic fatigue as well. I can work a full day again. And my family is in our first home of our own! Your work has changed their lives, too. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Very sincerely,

Mike McGuire

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