ANEMIA by David W. Gregg

Anemia is a very common disorder, especially in young women. The low blood concentration of hemoglobin results in diminished transport of oxygen in the body, which can cause a number of problems. This is commonly treated with iron supplements because iron is required for the synthesis of hemoglobin. I would like to briefly present an additional insight into how the treatment might be greatly enhanced, by adding this DMSO solution. To do this, I will combine information presented in three Health Notes: 1) Crohn’s Disease Info, 2) DMSO and 3) Vitamin B12 Deficiency.

DMSO Alone

1) The Health Note on Crohn’s Disease presents the case for DMSO enhancing transferrin receptor sites and thus enhancing the transport of iron from the intestine to the bone marrow where hemoglobin is synthesized. If this transport system is weak, then iron supplements alone will not reverse the anemia because the iron won’t get to the bone marrow where it is used. If this is the limiting step in an individual, causing the anemia, and if the theory is correct, DMSO would help to overcome it.

2) The Health Note on DMSO presents the case for DMSO & MSM forming an oxygen transport pair. Thus, one would expect that the application of sufficient DMSO should result in sufficient enhancement of the oxygen transport system to remedy the oxygen deficiency caused by a low level of hemoglobin in the blood. It should not interfere with the functioning of the hemoglobin, but rather supplement its oxygen transport capacity. This could be viewed, as a short-term treatment until sufficient hemoglobin has been built back up to where the DMSO is no longer needed. In cases where the hemoglobin will not be regenerated, it could be considered as a longer-term treatment option.

The DMSO-B12 + Folic Acid Solution

The Health Note on Vitamin B12 Deficiency mentions that a solution of vitamin B12 and folic acid in DMSO will transport the two vitamins through the skin. These are the two key vitamins required for the final maturation of the red blood cells. A deficiency of these vitamins may cause anemia even if there is sufficient iron available. Thus the providing of these vitamins, such as the use of this solution to transport the vitamins through the skin, could play a key role in the treatment of some cases of anemia.

Iron Supplements

It is well known that oral iron supplements can be helpful for many cases of anemia. DO NOT ADD iron to the DMSO solution.

The Combination

The combination of DMSO, the DMSO-B12 + folic acid solution, along with iron as a separate oral supplement, should provide a multi-dimensional treatment of anemia that would be more effective than iron alone. The DMSO would provide immediate relief by directly assisting with oxygen transport and a longer-term benefit of helping with the transport of iron from the intestine to the bone marrow. The DMSO-B12 + folic acid solution will provide the B12 and folic acid necessary for proper maturation of red blood cells. Iron supplements will insure sufficient iron to make hemoglobin. A good multi-vitamin supplement such as SPARX is recommended to ensure a complete vitamin balance.

One Person’s Experience

Approximately one year ago I went to see my dentist for one of my regular appointments. When I walked in I noticed that his receptionist looked extremely tired and in poor health. We had talked many times before on prior visits so I felt free to ask her about it. She said she was very anemic and her physician had prescribed iron pills. They were quite high in iron and after taking them for approximately three weeks, she experienced no benefit, and was getting desperate. I told her about my use of the DSMO-B12 + folic acid solution and suggested she bring it up with her physician. She decided to try it and told me that after the first application she felt considerably better within one hour. This would be consistent with the DMSO assisting directly with oxygen transport. She also said that same night she had the best night’s sleep she had had in weeks, and continued to apply the solution daily when she felt she needed it. By the end of the third day she felt so good that she knew she was no longer anemic. When I talked to her a few weeks later, it she said that her anemia was gone and she greatly reduced her rate of usage of the solution with no reversal to anemia.

This one case certainly does not represent scientific proof. However, to the extent it can be trusted, it is particularly interesting because she worked in a dentist office that provided nitrous oxide gas for patients who wanted it to reduce the stress of treatment. Thus, it would be in the air and she would be exposed to it beyond that of a person not working in such an environment. This would give her a higher exposure than the average person. If this was a contributing factor, it is consistent with the iron supplements not helping and the vitamin B12 + folic acid being of great benefit. To my knowledge no one else in the office suffered from anemia so why her? If the nitrous oxide were a contributing factor, it would indicate that people have different degrees of vulnerability and she was a person who was more vulnerable than others.


It is my hope that this Health Note will stimulate a far more substantial study evaluating this proposal for an improved approach to treating anemia.

Answer to a Puzzle (email received 1/9/06, from Rich Vankonynenburg)

It is commonly observed that within an hour or so after receiving a B12 shot or after applying the DMSO- B12+folic acid solution a person feels a surge of energy associated with a feeling of mental clarification. This is strange because the reverse of the anemia via the production of red blood cells should take far longer, and the DMSO by itself, which quickly increases oxygen transport, does not have the same degree of effect. This email provides the answer. The explanation has implications concerning anemia, but also provides a possible explanation as to why B12 has exhibited a capability to inhibit cancer.

The email:


I think I know now why you get such a “lift” from applying DMSO-B12

As you may know, one of the best tests for B12 deficiency is to measure the level of methylmalonic acid in the urine. If B12 is low, it is high. The reason is that it is a breakdown product of the amino acid valine, and it needs to be converted to succinate by an enzyme that has adenosyl-B12 as its coenzyme. If a person is low in B12, methylmalonate will accumulate. Then, when you give DMSO-B12, it rapidly gets to the tissues, and rapidly catalyzes the conversion to succinate. Since succinate is one of the metabolites directly in the Kreb’s cycle, this gives a sudden surge of ATP production. Volila! (for those who don’t know, ATP is the source of energy for all cells)



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