How to live longer

A researcher in Germany discovered that how you deal with problems can affect how long you will live and, to some extent, how you may die!

In this life, each individual is continually confronted by problems—difficulties in relation to persons, situations,and goals.

Some of these problems can be quite large. Yet the attitude the person takes toward his problems can,literally, finish him off.

What you are about to read can affect your entire life, so you will want to consider it carefully; recognize it as good advice and, not only start doing it, but also sharing it with your friends and loved ones.

Ronald Grossarth-Maticek, a Yugoslavian oncologist,and his students were given access to mortality data in Heidelberg, Germany.

They carefully studied thousands of deaths, read through autopsy reports, and interviewed relative of the deceased.

He discovered that a person’s attitude greatly affects his life span—and in special ways.

There are four methods of dealing with problems. The European researcher dealt with the first three. Other research studies reveal there is also a fourth. Here they are:


Type 1 – The first way of dealing with a problem is to let it get you down. The key words are “hopeless/helpless.”

This person is unable to solve problems relating to others, situations, or goals. If relationships are sour, circumstances unfavorable, and goals seemingly unachievable,he sinks into a depression, characterized by feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.

This person seems unable to change his negative view of life. He consistently holds on to depression as a habit to run into and hide.

The coronary reports revealed the fact that the person choosing this type of behavior is highly prone to cancer.


Type 2 – The second way of dealing with a problem is to blow up. The key words are “frustrated/angry.” This person also seems unable to deal with problems in a positive way. Instead, he becomes disgusted or loses his temper.The person choosing this type of behavior is highly prone to heart disease.


Type 3 – The third way of dealing with a problem is to remain positive, and turn one’s attention to finding a new way—a different way—to tackle the problem and resolve it. The key words are “cheerful/positive.” The significant factor, of course, is the continued positive outlook.

The individual selecting this type of response to problems—tends not to get sick! That is what the interviews and coronary reports revealed.

These people have the lowest incidence of disease. In fact, they have the lowest incidence of death due to all causes, including accidents.

Here we have two major killers, and many smaller ones. The solution to forestalling many of them is a change in outlook and thinking, a change in behavior.


Type 4 – There is also a fourth way of dealing with problems, which other studies have repeatedly shown to be highly beneficial to both mind and body.

This method increases the positive outlook of Type 3 living, intensifies the healthful results, and makes it easier to switch from Type 1 and Type 2 to Type 3 behavior.

The fourth manner of dealing with a problem is to take it to God in prayer. Here we find a person who has chosen to accept Christ as his Saviour. He has dedicated his life to Him and, by enabling grace, seeks to obey His Written Word each day.Then when a problem arises, he takes it to God in prayer.

Those who do this have found that it produces wonderful results. In some cases, a beautiful solution appears all by itself.

At other times, the person will arise from prayer, greatly encouraged to press forward in a Type 3  approach: With a positive outlook, he will try a new way to solve the problem. However, there are difficulties which,unfortunately, cannot easily be solved. They would try to hang as a dead weight around the neck, year after year.

Only Type 4 living can deal effectively with such problems.A Christian can face problems more positively than others. He can cheerfully live with problems which would crush others.Yet there is something else about Type 4 living which is special: The person who puts God first in his life—will spend much of his thought and energy trying to make the lives of others happier. The person who is busy helping others will always seem to have fewer problems. He is too busy being a blessing to others to give them much attention.

What have we learned from these four types?

When you have a problem, do this:

(1) Take the problem to God in prayer. Make sure you are obeying the Ten Commandments and all that He commands in His Inspired Writings.

(2) Keep positive and cheerful.If you have a personal relationship with God, you will especially be able to do this. Trust everything to Him, and believe He will work it all out for the best.

(3) Change your behavior in such a way that conditions are changed for the better. Obedience to God’s laws will greatly encourage you.Amid the problems of life, when you walk up to a wall of difficulty, you can go through it, go around it, or go over it.Sometimes, with God’s help, the wall just disappears as you walk toward it.


Here are several additional pointers:

Just what is the problem? What new, alternative activities would produce more positive results?

Think it through, and then, prayerfully, try making the changes.

Always stay on the positive. Failure should not be regarded as a reason for not trying out new types of behavior and activity.

Discouragement or anger accomplish nothing.

Take it to the Lord in prayer, and arise ready to move forward positively again.

Some problems cannot be solved. Sometimes you live with them. This is when Type 4 living—walking hand-in-hand with God—can provide wonderful solutions, even if unfortunately circumstances do not seem to change as quickly as they might. It can also help you live in environments which would crush others.

Choose the sunshine side of life, and problems about you will evaporate. The Christian has heaven coming; he can afford to wait patiently through the days that are dark. For him, the future is bright.

May God bless and keep you, as you try to live longer.

Remember to use your longer life to help and bless others. That is why you were born into this world.

Spend your time making others happy




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