Let Me Tell You Some More Secrets While I Am At It…

One of the most important reasons to consume iodine is because it is the fuel for your endocrine system and your endocrine system is the root of your spiritual power. You can’t activate your pineal gland and become enlightened if it is calcified from all the fluoride you consume in drinking water, toothpaste and mouthwash! But if you really want to change your fortune in life one of the things you need to do is to change your bones. The Chinese are fond of saying, “Your face is your fortune.” Taoists say that you cannot become an immortal if you don’t have the bones of an immortal. This concept has numerous off-shoots: For example, did you know that the most attractive thing about a man in the eyes of a woman is the man’s facial and physical symmetry? Women can even SMELL the symmetry when blindfolded! Other scientific studies have shown that beauty is not relative, but is hard-wired and that the most attractive women have the same mathematical ratios in the face. Ever wonder why Pamela Anderson and Tila Tequilla are the most downloaded women on the internet no matter how banged up they get?

Why is this so? The human body has many energy channels. Only a few of them are listed in acupuncture books. Two big ones are the left and right thrusting channels which are power-cables of energy running up and down the core of the body from perineum to crown on the left and right sides, respectively. One could say that the flow of energy in these two channels relative to one another determine how each of our bodies processes male and female energy. In our modern culture, female energy is spat upon by both men AND women.

Women these days all reject their feminine energy because they view it as a handicap when attempting to compete against males in a “feminist” world. Can you imagine a woman in a top corporate position breaking down into tears in the middle of a boardroom? So she represses her feminine side. She does it long enough until her polarity is so destroyed men no longer respond to her. Consequently she can’t find a partner, and therefore stays “married to her job” while the top corporate hierarchy pimps out her feminine powers of manifestation to step their game up to multinational levels. Finally, her ovaries and cervix get so used up energetically they need to be cut out by a surgeon. Eventually, she is discarded. She never knew what it was to be a woman…

Men are also in trouble because they have been taught to hate feelings. When was the last time a man crying was looked upon as a sign of strength? Genghis Khan cried all the time – was he a faggot? If a man can’t tune into feelings, how he find his own power and use it to make love to a woman in such a way that she will become HIS manifestation vehicle instead of a whore for a big corporation that will end up pimping him out as well in the end? He’ll never know what it was to be a man…

People are afraid of the feminine because it is the physical body, the raw, unadulterated life force that powers it and your connection to the planet. Masculine power is the conscious mind that is aware of the experience of this power and shapes it via thought like a divine spark-plug. Energy and matter always follow thought, even if it is not immediately apparent or a lot of time passes between the cause and the effect.

The powers that be don’t want you present in your body with full access to your power. They want you stuck in your head where you are so easy to control with a steady diet of anti-depressants and television. They’ve taught you to be afraid of yourself just as they did your parents. You are scared of your sexual energy, your desires, your feelings – the fact that your body needs to cry as much as it needs to shit. You’ve been taught that you need to control yourself in order to survive, and like someone who has held a full bladder for far too long you find that when you are at the toilet you just can’t let go and piss. And you wonder why you feel disempowered?

This is all accomplished through traumatic births and traumatic childhoods that condition you to be an energetic eunuch as an adult. These traumas cause you to twist your physical structure into all sorts of ugly postures. You twist into these ugly postures so as to control the flow of energy in your body. To make matters worse, millions of children in western society are subjected to “dark ages” orthodontics where teeth are extracted, faces collapsed, and jaws misaligned. And you wonder why you have “low self-esteem?”

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