Clinical trials needs to be carried out on the effects and causes relating to raw wheat grass, as it might relate to cancer therapy.

Working Summary: The growing of wheat grass requires some work but it could have beneficial effects. The juicing of raw vegetables might accomplish the same results with less work.

Ann Wigmore has a mansion in Boston, called the Hippocrates Health Institute, where she treats people for cancer by giving them the juice of wheat grass.

This would appear to be a mono diet; yet, because of the broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals in it, drinking wheat grass (or taking any other green mixture, such as Greenlife or Barley Green) is far better than a rice only diet or ingesting  chemicals.  Wheat grass is food. Yet, interestingly enough, Wigmore ignores food supplements.

One individual described her arrival at Wigmore’s large Boston home:“Our cab pulled up in front of a five-story brownstone building very similar to the brownstones in New York City . . We stood there wondering about it all, hoping this wasn’t a wild goose chase.

“Upon entering, it was nothing like a hospital,or a clinic, or a school, or anything other than a large old home with a quiet library-like atmosphere.“There was a fellow sitting at the desk reading a book. There wasn’t anybody running around in white coats and masks or nurses in white stockings pushing oxygen tanks or other medical equipment around; nor long forms to fill out with medical history or health records or health insurance. In fact, no one seemed to be the least bit anxious about the state of our health.

“Ann Wigmore came down from her quarters on the fifth floor to greet us. Again, no interview,no questions about our complaints, just congenial concern that we be placed in the right room, that we be made comfortable, that we be made aware of the meal schedule (no menus to choose from) rather than the thing that was heavy on our minds, our serious problem with cancer.

“I found out later why she did not show the concern I was looking for; she felt that I would get better if I stayed and really followed through on her program. So she was more concerned with making us comfortable.“We were assigned a room on the fourth floor.Our luggage went up in the elevator. We walked up. The elevator was very small, and it is one of Ann Wigmore’s rules that everyone always walks“No one there was to be taking any medication of any kind. This eliminated autogenous vaccine, the BCG, the gamma globulin, the vitamins and the food supplements. I couldn’t help but wonder, ‘Am I signing my own death warrant? Can I get back on these fast enough if this doesn’t work?’ ”—Eydie Mae with Chris Loeffler, How I Conquered Cancer Naturally,

It would seem that the juicing and immediate drinking of raw vegetable juices would produce the same results, with far less work, than growing wheat to the young grass stage, and then juicing it.

Ann Wigmore Foundation. 196 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA 02116 Ph: (617) 267-9424


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