Folk herbs for cancer, along with a simple, healthful diet.

Working Summary: Ozias used a simple diet, plus an herbal formula not now known.

Dr. Ozias was a small-town physician in Nevada,Missouri. Gradually, he came to the conclusion that cancer was a nutritional problem. So he began prescribing natural foods, simply prepared.

As a result, he had many recoveries. In addition to a simple diet, he also gave something which he would not disclose, which is believed to have been an herbal mixture.

He became so well-known for his cancer successes that he built a hospital in Kansas City, Missouri,to which many people came for help.Ozias said that cancer was the result of soft city living and devitalized store-bought food.

In 1922, he wrote the American Medical Association and offered to treat 100 cases, free of charge in his hospital, and disclose his formula so all physicians could have access to it—if the results of his work were published in the AMA Journal. The AMA did not answer. Instead, he was repeatedly taken to court on a variety of charges. Each time,the case was withdrawn before it went to court.

The AMA knew they could not win in court. He finally retired to his home in Nevada, Missouri, and practiced quietly until his death in the mid 1940s.





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