Pattison’s formula, consisting of water,zinc chloride, and a single herb should be easy to use in testing. There is a need to ascertain whether this could provide a viable therapy. It would be well to locate his book and reprint it.

Working Summary: Pattison was the third physician who apparently used this goldenseal formula.Dr. Pattison, originally of New York City, also moved to London. Like Fell, he used a simple herbal formula, and offered to freely teach other physicians his method. An 1858 pamphlet was expanded in 1866 to a full book, which discussed the treatment of over 4,000 cancer patients in 13 years.

Pattison deplored surgery, and aroused the ire of physicians throughout England. He said they helped no one, but only killed people.In his writings, Pattison cited the case of a woman with a growth on her breast which her physician instantly recognized as malignant, but he told her it was benign. Then he told a colleague that he told her that, so she wouldn’t go to “that quack in London.” She died within a few months.

Pattison’s formula consisted of a paste, composed primarily of the powdered root of the plant, hydrastis canadensai, plus flour, water,and a tiny bit of zinc chloride. (Hydrastis canadensai is the botanical name for goldenseal.)

When properly mixed, the flour held them together in a mucilaginous mass.Along with this, he prescribed a simple, strict diet which included the elimination of all salted food.

Physicians told him to his face that they preferred to stick to their operations. In reply, he said his method was almost totally painless, and held far more promise of recovery from the dreaded cancer.

It is extremely likely that Blake, Fell, and Pattison all used the same basic formula. Each started using his herbal formula on cancer patients,in New York City, in the same year. Blake’s formula was not revealed to the public; Fell’s included puccoon, one of the names for goldenseal.

And Pattison used Hydrastis canadenisa,the botanical name for goldenseal.

Based on what we can learn about all three,their formula consisted of goldenseal, with a trace of zinc chloride. Goldenseal root contains the alkaloid, berberine,an antibacterial agent, and is used as a tea or tincture to treat inflamed mucous membranes of mouth, throat, digestive system, and uterus. It is also used for jaundice, bronchitis,pharyngitis, gonorrhea, and cancer. Warning: Avoid during pregnancy. Because goldenseal is so highly alkaline, under normal circumstances, it is best not used more than two weeks at a time.


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