Ganzheitstherapie therapy is greatly needed today . It is time to stop counting trees and begin using the entire forest. We have amassed piles of worthwhile anti-cancer remedies; now it is time to apply them collectively.

Working Summary: Issels was one of the first to forbid a wide variety of modern contaminants, as important in the treatment of cancer. His method, expanded on, is an excellent one.

Dr. Issels, a German physician, came to the conclusion that the solution to cancer was to treat the whole body, and not just a local tumor.Instead of administering a single nutrient or chemical, Issels identified a wide-ranging group of cancer-causing factors: genetic traits, microbes, dental amalgams (mercury poisoning),infections, abnormal intestinal flora, faulty diet,neural interferences, chemical toxins, radiation,etc.

He called it ganzheitstherapie, or “whole body therapy.” First thing, the amalgam fillings must be removed, and tobacco, coffee, etc.,stopped. Eating of organic foods is stressed, and even the emotional state of the patients is a subject of concern.

In addition to removing or adding specific things from the diet and way of life, Issels also carried on several types of therapies:

Issels used specialized oxygen therapy methods,not available to the average person. He also administered fever therapy (as William Coley and others did). During the induced fever, Issels found that he could increase the number of disease- destroying leukocytes (white corpuscles)in the bloodstream.

He also used vaccines for specific types of cancer, using ultrafiltrates of cancer tissues in much the same way as modern vaccines use infectious agents to stimulate antibody production.

In one long-term study of 370 patients, 87% were alive 5 years later, with no recurring signs.Dr. Issels’ relapse rate was only 13%. That is remarkably good.

This high success rate is probably due to the fact that he fought the cancer with a variety of factors, including nutritional and lifestyle changes which the patients continue on with afterward!

In order to have a high rate of successful remission, followed by years of happy living thereafter, many changes must be made. It is not enough to just drink an herb tea once in a while.

After Dr. Issels retired, two physicians kept his work going (Dr. Woppel and Dr. Ahmed Elkadi of Panama City, Florida). Elkadi uses Issels’ program,plus the use of the herb, Nigella sativa (black seed spice), with which he has observed a 55% enhancement of the helper T-cells and the suppressor T-cells, and a 30% enhancement of natural killer cells activity.

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