Bulkley’s dietary approach. In view of the fact that so many modern findings point to nutrition as a significant part of the solution to cancer, these earlier methods need to be considered.

Bulkley wrote extensively on the dangers of biopsies and found that this spread the cancer more.

In 1885, Dr. Bulkley organized the New York Skin and Cancer Hospital (NYSCH), where he served as director of for many years. This distinguished physician gradually became convinced that surgery was useless, and that a careful, nourishing diet was the answer.

Extensively read, Bulkley began to widely publish his ideas. Article after article came from his pen, criticizing surgery and advocating natural methods.

In 1921, the special ward, which he had been given at the hospital he founded, was closed to him. That same year, the Journal of the AMA published a letter from the board of the NYSCH, declaring that it had eliminated Bulkley from its staff because his work was not representative of the hospital.

In 1924, he published the results of 250 cases of breast cancer eliminated without surgery.

Specific Systems of Treatment

Nutritional changes and a special recovery diet were the only methods used, by Bulkley, to overcome cancer. He died in 1928.


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