It is now generally accepted that injury sites are where cancer can later form.

Working Summary: Bell’s dietetic therapy was probably an excellent one. Notice that he not only nourished the body, but helped the liver remove toxins from the dissolving tumors.

Originally from Glasgow, Scotland, Dr. Bell moved to London, where he practiced medicine for over half a century. In 1894, he abandoned surgery as useless, and began trying to determine better methods of eliminating cancer.

Bell was a distinguished physician who, in the 1870s, had devised an improved method of treating diphtheria and an improvement in treating smallpox which eliminated the secondary fever. In the 1880s, he identified constipation as a cause of disease and named the resulting absorption of toxic material into the blood “autotoxemia.”

He also originated the microphotograph.After abandoning surgery, Bell advocated a careful vegetarian diet and the elimination of constipation, as the means of avoiding and recovering from disease. In 1896 he read a paper before the British Gynecological Society about diet,as a means of eliminating cancer, and surgery as useless and harmful.

From that date onward, he met with violent resistance from the medical community. In 1903,Bell published his book, The Treatment of Cancer without Operation. In it, he cited the case of a woman whose milk overflowed. It was diagnosed as cancer, although Bell said a cancerous breast could not give milk. After she was operated on, a cancer developed and she died three months after the birth of her child.

He charged that surgeons removed every breast lump as malignant, when one half of breast tumors were not. Surgery, he declared, actually incited a more active development of cancer.

Despite the professional opposition, King Edward recognized his worth and offered him a title.But Bell was too embroiled in controversy to accept it.

Bell would help patients that other physicians left to die; and, when one of his patients died, he was charged with a crime by the medical association.

But the resulting court trial revealed one of the accusing physicians to be the one responsible for her death.


Dr. Bell also established that injuries, blows,or continued irritation to a part of the body could later lead to the development of cancer in that site. He developed what is probably the best explanation, to date, of why this occurs:In healthy tissue, blood resulting from internal bleeding is quickly absorbed without leaving clots. Normally, clotting is necessary only to seal an external wound. But, in an acute or inflammatory condition, the tissue cannot properly absorb blood. The result may be a hard internal clot which therefore acts as something like a foreign body and later can become the nucleus of a tumor.

This would explain why cancers tend to recur at the sites of surgical incisions. Blood clots adhered there, causing tumors to begin to grow.


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