Dr. Ross Pelton, administrator of Hospital Santa Monica in Baja, Mexico, one of the largest alternative remedial facilities in the world, provides this supplement formula for cancer patients.

It would probably work equally well for those intent on avoiding cancer to begin with: “The dosages of nutritional supplements used in most of the alternative cancer therapies are much higher than the RDA levels. However, as mentioned above, these levels of supplementation rarely produce harmful side effects.

“There is continuing controversy over dosage levels of nutritional supplements; and health professionals involved with alternative therapies recommend different levels, according to their approach.

The following are ranges of nutritional supplementation that I feel confident in recommending to adult cancer patients I have worked with:

“Vitamin C—1,00 to 2,000 mg with each meal.

“Vitamin E—400 IU twice daily.

“Beta-carotene—25,000 to 50,000 IU with each meal.

“Selenium—100 mcg at each meal.

“Organic germanium—100 to 300 mg daily.

“Omega-3 fatty acid (flaxseed oil)—1 to 2 tablespoons daily.”—Ross Pelton, Ph.D., and Lee Overholser, Ph.D., Alternatives in cancer therapy109-110(1994)


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