An extensive number of research studies were conducted in Switzerland, which indicated that chelation therapy would be a useful adjunct to cancer prevention and therapy.

Chelation therapy is the systematic removal of heavy metals (such as lead, mercury, nickel) from the body, thus reducing the likelihood that cancer will develop.

Beginning in 1958, a lengthy research study was conducted in Switzerland on 231 adults which lived in areas with a higher than average cancer mortality rate. (It is of interest that those areas were homes along heavily traveled highways.People living in traffic-free areas had a lower cancer rate!)

These individuals also had a higher incidence of headaches, fatigue, nervous disorders, gastrointestinal problems, depression, and substance abuse.

The researchers suspected that their higher exposure to lead from car exhausts might be the cause of the problems.

In 1961, 59 of these people were given 10 or more EDTA chelation treatments plus vitamins C and B1, while another 172 persons, untreated,served as a control group.

Over the following 18 years, follow-up studies were conducted by Dr. Walter Blumer of Nestal, Switzerland, which revealed that only one of the 59 treated patients died of cancer (1.7%), compared with 30 deaths (17.6%) from cancer among the nontreated subjects. This is equivalent to a 90% reduction in cancer mortality. (In addition, Blumer found that death from atherosclerosis—hardening of the arteries—was also reduced.)

For more on this, see W. Blumer, M.D.,and E.M. Cranton, M.D., “Ninety percent Reduction in Cancer Mortality after Chelation Therapy with EDTA,” in A Textbook on EDTA Chelation Therapy, ed. E.M. Cranton, M.D. Also see Journal of Advancement in Medicine 2, Nos. 1-2, 1989, 183-188.

What is chelation (key-LAY-shun)? It a method of ridding the body of unnecessary and toxic metals. By removing toxic metal ions, it reduces internal inflammation caused by free radicals.This reduces the discomfort and disability from degenerative diseases such as arthritis, scleroderma.

It helps reverse gangrene, alleviates intermittent claudication (cramps) of the legs, restores memory, and significantly reduces serum cholesterol.

There are many oral chelators, such as garlic,vitamin C, carrageenan, zinc, and certain amino acids like cysteine and methionine. For example, cysteine is very effective in removing nickel toxicity.

By 1948, the U.S. Navy began using EDTA to treat lead poisoning. Aspirin has been found to be 3½ times more toxic than EDTA.The chelation method, primarily used by physicians,is EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) and is given by intravenous infusion. Over 500,000 patients have received it during the past 40 years.

However, no drug firm will bother with it, since the patent on EDTA has expired. Therefore, it continues to be ignored by orthodox medicine and the American Medical Association.


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