CALCIUM HYPOCHLORITE              by Jim Humble

Hypochlorous acid is an acid that the human immune system uses to kill pathogens of all kinds throughout the body, and many other things that sometimes need to be destroyed. For example when killer cells get old and worn out they turn against the body; the immune system recognizes the problem and proceeds to destroy the worn-out cells with hypochlorous acid.

This acid is probably the most important acid the body makes to maintain health. I think that qualifies it to be considered natural. It is a naturally produced acid because the body’s immune system makes it. It’s not manufactured in a chemical plant somewhere. The fact is, hypochlorous acid will kill most pathogens in the body – even the powerful malaria parasite if enough of the acid is present.

However, for whatever reason, Mother Nature did not provide the human body with the means to generate enough hypochlorous acid to kill all the diseases that might enter the body. Maybe making the acid is just too complex to generate large quantities of it that are now required to destroy the powerful “incurable” diseases that have come to be on this planet. In a more perfect world not much of the acid would be needed.

Suppose you were a medical researcher 80 years ago and you were interested in overcoming diseases in the human body, and you were aware of this data – that hypochlorous acid kills disease pathogens. Well, the fact is, this data was known 80 years ago. Don’t you think you would have spent a little bit of time on the idea of how to supply the body with a little more hypochlorous acid? The body has been using hypochlorous acid to kill disease germs for a million years.

Isn’t that a logical idea – that a medical researcher attempting to find cures for diseases, would at least try giving the body a little bit more hypochlorous acid when germs or disease threaten? Well I think it’s logical and if medical researchers were attempting to find “cures” for people instead of making costly drugs that keep people back, they would have found this hypochlorous acid miracle cure and many other such cures – long ago.

It is so far beyond any known medical drug that there is simply no comparison. You can’t compare it with medical drugs as they are not intended to overcome or cure diseases. This  kills pathogens and actually aids healing. So what is it? As far as an antibiotic is concerned, it kills pathogens instantly by blowing a hole in the skin. It’s not like medical antibiotics which can take from hours to weeks to penetrate the skin of a pathogen, slowly destroying the nucleus or something in the nucleus – if the pathogen hasn’t developed resistance. But with Calcium Hypochlorite, pathogens that cause diseases of all kinds cannot develop a resistance to hypochlorous acid. The body chose well when it developed the ability to generate hypochlorous acid. Down through the centuries no pathogen has ever developed a resistance to it.

And maybe, just maybe Mother Nature chose well when she made the various deadly diseases, because even though some of them are anaerobic and some are aerobic, none of them are resistant to MMS 1 or MMS 2 or the combination of 1 and 2. Isn’t that kind of strange? Of course we don’t have the money for research in this area, but many thousands of people have called me or emailed me representing hundreds of different diseases that have been handled with both of these minerals.

So what is it that turns into hypochlorous acid that your body can use? Well, there happens to be a very cheap simple chemical that actually turns into this acid. Your body then can take that acid and use it throughout the body. I’ve been using it for 4 years personally. My clinic and group of people in Mexico have been using it for more than a year with many people. I was at first sending it out to people mostly with prostate cancer, but we then started using it on many things including HIV.

OK, so what is MMS2? What chemical turns to hypochlorous acid in the body? Hold on to your hat. It’s a special type of swimming —– pool —– chlorine. Well, that’s what everybody calls it – swimming pool chlorine. BUT it is really not chlorine. It’s a special agent that is used to “shock” the pool, called CALCIUM HYPOCHLORITE.

People are used to being told that you shock a pool with chlorine, but that’s not really the scientific facts. It’s easy to explain this way. The scientific facts are that no free chlorine is added to the pool. The pool is in fact shocked with hypochlorous acid. A pouch of 78% calcium hypochlorite (about one pound) costs less than $5 dollars in the US. You can buy it at any swimming pool supply store, but not just any pool chlorine. It has to be calcium hypochlorite.

That’s right, when it is put into pool water it instantly changes into hypochlorous acid. It’s not the same as chlorine in water. Not at all. Other chemicals change into chlorine, but not calcium hypochlorite. It changes into HOCl (that’s the chemical formula for hypochlorous acid). It is a combination of hydrogen, oxygen, and chlorine. Like table salt it also has chlorine in it, but it reacts far differently than chlorine. MMS1 and MMS2 are made from two of the cheapest mineral substances that we have. MMS1 will cure malaria, the worst disease of mankind, in about 10 hours and for less than 5 cents. MMS2 is similar in cost if not cheaper.

My friend Bill Boynton, who helped me with the chemistry of MMS1 also suggested pool chlorine to me back in 2003. I wondered why the pool chlorine might be beneficial. He and I were using it before we knew what it was. So a bit of simple research turned up the fact that it was hypochlorous acid. Doctors in medical school learn all about hypochlorous acid in their schooling because it is a critical component produced and used by the immune system.

So you see it wasn’t because I was all that smart; it was just that I was looking for opportunities without worrying if I was fitting into a medical groove or not.


Now, let’s look at how we used it. Keep in mind that anything I say here I do not suggest that you go and do. Anything that you do is strictly on your own. I cannot suggest medical things to you. This is simply what we did. Also the “we” that I talk about here is not the same as my friend Bill that I mention above. I do not mention names here to protect the innocent and to keep my friends out of harm’s way. Later when I write my book for posterity I will name all those who helped me and worked with me, however for now, I feel it is best that I don’t.

First, a friend in Canada mentioned in an email that he had a friend who had prostate cancer. I said why not try hypochlorite. He said he would ask his friend and to make a long story short I sent him an envelope of 50 size zero gel capsules stuffed with calcium hypochlorite from a local pool store. (The supply in pool stores is anywhere from 45% calcium hypochlorite to 85%. Most is around 75%. I have used it all from 45% to 55% to 65% to 75% to 80%.

There are always other chemicals in the mixture. The other chemicals are all designed for use in pools so they are not poisonous and most of them are used in foods or processing foods. You only take a tiny bit of the white powder in a size zero capsule and thus you never get more than the recommended daily dose of any of these chemicals. Anyway he took the 50 capsules at about 4 a day and called me up and said that he felt much better but did I have some more as he still wasn’t well. So I sent him 50 more and he finally got back to me saying his prostate cancer was all gone.

So Bill and I sent it out to various people with prostate problems and prostate cancer. When we got word back they all said they felt better or that the problem was completely gone. (These are the ones that got back to me, and only because I begged them. Mostly people don’t get back to us unless they still need more.) I found out that most people who are feeling good won’t go back to a doctor so too often I have to take their word that they are OK.

So there you have MMS2. It is effective for many things and very effective for healing wounds and other skin problems. It aids MMS1 to kill most all so called incurable diseases and it may be as good as MMS1. It kills the pathogens and germs on a wound without doing damage to the broken tissues. Just empty a zero size capsule in a quarter glass of water and use that on the wound. Alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, iodine, and all other disinfectants all do a certain amount of damage to the wound causing increased healing time to the damaged cells, but MMS2 kills the pathogens and does no damage and thus the healing is much faster. There is research about this wound healing factor on the Internet. You can look it up. I hesitate to say more because of copyrights.

I decided that I must release the information as the urgency became greater and greater in my own mind. I can’t afford, Earth can’t afford for me to wait any longer. As it is I have waited 9 months longer than I should, than safety for the data would allow.

And in keeping with my policy written in my MMS book at I cannot allow this data to be owned by any one individual or group. Like MMS1 it is too important for that. If owned by any one group there would always be those who are left out of the loop. Anyone or everyone can make up MMS2, use it, or sell it, or distribute it for free or whatever.

So this paper has the same copyright as my book exactly. Because of space I won’t quote it completely, but it makes this paper public domain in case of my death or incarceration.

MMS2 is in some ways like gravity. You know it works just by learning the information. Research is not needed to prove that. It’s like gravity and dropping an orange. You open your fingers and the orange drops towards the Earth. You don’t need research to prove it. You might drop an orange once or twice, but it’s obvious. Well MMS2 is the same way for many things.

Chemically it is obvious that hypochlorous acid can kill pathogens as that has already been proven. By the time you have finished studying the data it will be totally obvious what this acid can do. Many nay-sayers are going to find it a little bit more difficult to spread negative information about MMS2.

The negative blog writers, none of them, have any idea what they’re chattering about with MMS1. MMS2 will be a lot more available to everyone who chooses to experiment with it, and believe it or not, it is already available in most countries of Africa, all cities of the US, Canada, Europe, and around the world. It is so available that it couldn’t possibly be suppressed throughout the world.

Good luck in using MMS2. Don’t let the terrifying cautions on the pouch of Calcium Hypochlorite scare you away. I’ve tested it for years. If you voluntarily and privately prepare MMS2 as suggested here (in size zero capsules only), it’s both safe and beneficial – a chemical produced and needed by your own body in limited quantities. Be sure to drink ample water if you experiment with this discovery. I take it myself quite often as a maintenance-preventative strategy.

This announcement is primarily to get the information on the record and out to thousands of people around the world. I can’t suggest that you follow and do what I have done. It’s the information that’s valuable – a key to reducing and reversing illnesses. Thoughtful people will experiment and awaken to what is possible with this widely available Miracle Mineral Solution Number Two.

At age 76 I’m here in a country with impure water, malaria, sleeping sickness, TB, herpes, 40% population with HIV, and I’m in contact with every disease imaginable carried by strangers who knock on my door at night seeking help – and I remain disease free. I’m fully active as this is being written on August 15, 2009.

Jim Humble Somewhere in Africa


Chlorine Dioxide Chemistry – Lenntech , MMS


The Disclaimer for this article ; These writings are educational and informative. They describe discoveries the author made and the actions of volunteers who assisted him. Readers are encouraged to consult medical professionals at medical and health clinics where valid client-patient relationships can be sustained. Statements herein about MMS1 and MMS2 have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. MMS is a well known mineral salt in distilled water. MMS1 and MMS2 are water purifiers. The information reported in this newsletter does not diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you have any medical condition, you must take personal responsibility if you privately experiment with MMS1 or MMS2. In fact you should consult a medical professional before using salts, minerals, foods, odors, hair colorings, skin enhancers, diet drinks, perfumes, iodine, snake bite kits, tooth paste, lotions, aspartame, alcohol, cigarettes, MSG laden soups, and products mentioned in this newsletter. Chlorine dioxide gas (produced in small quantities by MMS) is a water purifying agent used in many city water purification systems around the world. Competing drug store products are “Stabilized Oxygen” and “Vitamin O,” or other trade names packaged in various strengths. Sporting goods stores sell the same MMS mineral salt (Sodium Chlorite) in the form of water purification tablets used by campers and hunters.

Chemically it is obvious that hypochlorous acid can kill pathogens as that has already been proven. By the time you have finished studying the data it will be totally obvious what this acid can do. Many nay-sayers are going to find it a little bit more difficult to spread negative information about MMS2.


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