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You will have to educate yourself and know why you can not depend on mainstream information concerning your health.

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“For the medical profession this era may well be one of the most shameful and ethically questionable in its history.”

Stanley Wohl, M.D.   American Physician, Author, Consumer Advocate

Alternative Cancer Remedies by Vance Ferrell

“Everyone should know that most cancer research is largely a fraud, and that the major cancer research organizations are derelict in their duties to the people who support them.”

Linus Pauling   Two-time Nobel Laureate    1901-1994

” . . . there is no disease whose prime cause is better known. That the prevention of cancer will come there is no doubt. But how long prevention will be avoided depends on how long the prophets of agnosticism will succeed in inhibiting the application of scientific knowledge in cancer.”

Otto Warburg 3  Also a Two-time Nobel Laureate    1883-1970

“The American public has no idea how politics secretly control the practice of medicine. If a doctor dares to introduce a natural, less costly method, no matter how safe or effective, Organized American Medicine can target this doctor for license revocation using fear tactics and legal maneuverings. Why do holistic therapies threaten medicine? (Firstly) They involve a major change in scientific thought. (Secondly) They imply that current methods are inadequate, and, (Thirdly) they threaten huge profits … “

James P. Carter, M.D., Ph.D.     American Physician  Baton Rouge, Louisiana  Author: “Racketeering in Medicine”

“It is very difficult to believe that the very centers entrusted with research in cancer at such enormous expense are ‘inhibiting the application of scientific knowledge in cancer’ but it is not so difficult to understand once the economics of cancer is grasped.

“The treatment of cancer is, after all, a business which is very lucrative and very expensive for the customer. The goal of most exclusively profit-minded business men is to sell their commodity at the highest price possible in a market where they can eliminate all competition and customers have no choice but their commodity. Such entrepreneurs secure a monopoly by convincing their customers that theirs is the only valid product available and that competitors are frauds whose product is worthless.

“A monopoly of any market is a sure source of profit; a captive clientele has no other choice. The sellers can charge any price the market will bear and can evade any responsibility for bad results because they do not and cannot give any guarantees. They eliminate all critics of their products and challenges to their authority. Their business prospers; thousands of new customers constantly replace those that disappear.

“The original John D. Rockefeller was no mean hand at spotting the commercial possibilities in any enterprise. As his millions came in, he kept reinvesting in the most profitable businesses. One day when appendectomies were the rage in the medical profession, a surgeon told John D. that everyone should have an appendectomy before the age of sixteen as a preventative. The oil wizard saw the point at once… ‘Why, you’ve got a better thing than Standard Oil’ … “

Nat Morris    ”The Cancer Blackout” (1959)

The “Ten Conditions” that make alternative medicine offensive to the medical community:

Identifying a Recurring Suppression Pattern

1)The Products Assist The Body In A Nutritional Or Chemical Way To Rid Itself Of Diseases.

And as we’ll see in further pages, there is quite a number of suppressed treatment approaches with dramatic results. We are able to do research on the net and find many alternative treatments and testimonial pages displaying an array of astonishing success stories.

2)They’re Cheap.

They are easy and inexpensive to make, not to mention inexpensive to sell  No monopoly, big profits, or advantages of extortionary regulation to be had here.

3)You Can Take Control Over Your Health

They do not require the intervention of a doctor. They place most  treatments on the same level as going to the local drugstore to get a non prescription drug.

4)They’re Non-Toxic When used As Directed.

They are not at all toxic when used in the correct way with adherence to a clearly stated, properly tested protocol.

5)They Expose Long-Standing Industry and Government-Based Fraud of Unimaginable Proportion.

Their very existence makes clear what an enormous fraud that orthodox chemotherapy, radiation, and most surgery is. Moreover, their efficacy exposes what a joke the multibillion dollar “cancer research” industry is and has been for the better part of a century.

6)They’re Non-Patentable.

They cannot be meaningfully patented. Without a basis to secure a monopoly, no faction with the drug industry could possibly condone the public becoming knowledgeable in the use of alternative medicine.

7)They Do Not Lend Themselves to Proprietary Ownership and the Monopolistic Privileges It Brings.

8)They’ve been around for so long that no one can claim credit or ownership to the essential principles behind them — the principles supporting their efficacy.

9)Alternative Medicine Are Shown to Be Superior Because It Addresses The Root Cause of The Ailment .

10)  Nothing is more embarrassing to modern science than the admission that they have spent many hundreds of billions of dollars on a project, and still we cannot improve upon the advice of a few “heretic medicine men” (See “Hall of Fame” on this site)who fail to bow to the gods of their superior, industrial, mechanistic universe. This threatens to create a cascade among the weary electorate who just might decide to become “unplugged.”

True Democracy Is Exposed as a Sham

Alternative Medicine’s existence undermines the legitimacy of representative democracy. It allows even the more obtuse among the civically ignorant citizenry to view the mythology of “government by the people” in all its disinformation. If alternative medicine are not proof that most Western democracies are, in actuality, plutocracies that put the interest of the rich and influential over those of the common man, nothing is. If the average citizen in the U.S., U.K., Australia, New Zealand, etc. knew what I knew, they would know that they possess absolute proof, in their hands, that modern medicine is the story of creative financial servitude. They would know that their so-called “elected representatives” are not only complicit, but are owned — lock, stock, and barrel — by the power elite. They would internalize, with unmistakeable clarity, the evidence that their houses of political representation were, in fact, little more than multinational corporate brothels. Not that many are not already aware of the fact; but it would most decidedly raise, as Alan Watts used to say, the “intensity of the concept” to a higher quantum of outrage. Most people, to this point, have not had the capacity to understand the cruel machinations that sit behind this kind of brutality. This gives a reason to obtain it.

Knowledge of their Existence and Proper Use Would Lead to the Wholesale Bankruptcy of the Medical Industry in the West

If the preparation and use of alternative medicine were widely known to ordinary citizens, this knowledge among the “People” would only lead to the embracing of more effective natural remedies that are far superior to anything that modern medicine, generally — and more specifically, modern pharmacology — has to offer. Any significant movement in this direction would have an accelerating character and would bring about the financial decimation of the pharmaceutical industry in the West and much of the medical industry that is allied to it.

Unless you believe, with the clarity and intensity that I believe, that these Conditions are true and beyond the pale of exaggeration or embellishment, you will not be able to appreciate the latter sections of this book and what they mean for you, your family, and society.

That is why we devote time and attention in develping this site so you can see the Suppression Pattern for what it is and what it has done to Western Civilization.

Once you internalize these concepts with clarity, you will never be the same person again.



Since this book is primarily written to medical researchers, it is well to clarify another reason for the great urgency in your conducting cancer research. The avenues for treatment, at present, are not good!

In this brief chapter, it will be shown that, unfortunately, even the officially authorized (often referred to as the “orthodox”) treatments for cancer are themselves seriously flawed!

Medical researchers, we need your help, in developing—and convincing—the medical establishment in America to use better methods of dealing with this most terrible of diseases!

It is frequently said that the orthodox cancer treatments are “cures.” In the American Cancer Society’s book, Unproven Methods of Cancer Management, updated periodically, the reader is told:

“Unfortunately, many patients with curable cancer leave the care of competent physicians to be treated with a worthless unproven remedy until a cure by accepted methods of treatment becomes impossible.”—American Cancer Society, Unproven Methods of Cancer Management,1971 Edition, 1.

In an ACS brochure, the following statement appears:

“Why not use an unproven method if it has been proven to be harmless? —Because time is cancer’s ally. Any time wasted on worthless unproven remedies may prevent a patient from obtaining proven treatment while his cancer is still curable.”—American Cancer Society, Cancer.

This concept is written into the lawbooks of California:

“The use of [laetrile] in early cancer to the exclusion of conventional treatment with acceptable modern curative methods (surgery or radiation) would thereby be delayed potentially until such time as metastasis had occurred and the cancer therefore might no longer be curable.”—California State Health and Safety Code, Section 10400.1.

Thus the orthodox methods are said to offer “cure,” and the only source available for it. Let us now consider each of the three officially approved methods of treatment:


Celsus, in the 1st century A.D., described a surgery for cancer of the lip. A century later, Leonidese also wrote about cancer surgery.

In the 14th century, Guy de Chauliac described a wide variety of cancer operations; and, two centuries later, Hildanus discussed the first axillary dissection for breast cancer. In 1891, Halsted detailed the first radical operation for breast cancer.His basic procedures are still in use.

The following statement appeared in an important Eastern scientific journal:

“Ten of our patients underwent an unsuccessful attempt by a surgeon to remove the tumor. All surgeons know that this procedure is usually followed by an increased growth of the tumor . .

“Although the most common factor related to spontaneous regression in our monograph was excision [removal] of the primary [tumor], I cannot attach much importance to it because metastasis develops so commonly after excision of the primary.”—“Spontaneous Regression of Cancer: The Metabolic Triumph of the Host?” Annals of the New York Academy of Science, 136-137 [emphasis ours].

“Metastasis” does have significant risks, because it requires cutting through the protective wall keeping the cancer bottled up. When – Part Eight – Additional InformationAdditional Information

When it is cut open (by the surgery), the cancer is likely to leaves its pocket (the tumor)—and begin quickly spreading through the bloodstream to other parts of the body. The same article noted that the statistical rate of “spontaneous regression” following surgery is 1 in 80,000 to 100,000 cases (op. cit., 111-112).Spontaneous regression occurs when the cancer subsequently disappears entirely from the body,for reasons which orthodox medicine says are unknown. The first statistical analysis of the survival rate after cancer surgery was done by Dr. Leroy d’Etoilles in 1844 and published by the French Academy of Science. Case histories of 2,781 patients (covering a 36-year period) were submitted by 174 physicians.

The average survival was only one year and five months—about what the average is today. “The net value of surgery or caustics was, in prolonging life, two months for men and six months for women. But that was only in the first few years after the initial diagnosis. After that period, those who had not accepted treatment had the greater survival potential by about fifty percent.”—Walter H. Walshe, The Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and Treatment of Cancer, Boston, 1844 [emphasis ours]. But what is the survival rate today? In 1961, a large-scale controlled study was begun, to see if all the surgery was worthwhile. (By that time, not only the tumor was removed, but frequently the entire breast and lymph nodes, and often the ovaries also.)

Results of the 7½-year study were conclusive: Difference in the percentage of patients remaining alive mattered little whether they received a cancer operation—or no operation or other treatment at all! (R.G. Ravdin, et. al., “Results of a Clinical Trial ConcerningtheWorthof ProphylacticOophorectomy for Breast Carcinoma,”the Worth of Prophylactic Oophorectomy for Breast Carcinoma,”Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics, December 1970.)

A key factor here is that operations tend to open up the cancer, so it can begin to spread (metastasize)to other parts of the body. When cancers begin spreading to secondary locations in the body, the odds drop practically to zero, that the patient will survive. Johnstone says that, once metastasis occurs, the situation is almost out of control, as far as orthodox remedies are concerned.

“A patient who has clinically detectable metastases when first seen has virtually a hopeless prognosis, as do patients who were apparently free of distant metastasis at that time but who subsequently return with distant metastasis.”— F.R.C. Johnstone, M.D., California Medical Digest, August 1972, 838.

In addition, the operation caused a large wound, which the already greatly weakened body must try to heal.

Excluding skin cancers, according to ACS data, the statistical average is that the rate of long-term survival after surgery is only 10-15%. Once the cancer has metastasized to a second location, the cancer is in the bloodstream, and surgery has almost no survival value.

Before leaving this subject of cutting into cancer tissue, we should consider biopsies. Generally the first thing the physician wants to do, when a patient inquires whether he might have cancer, is to cut into the questionable tissue—in order to extract a small slice for microscopic examination. But this procedure is highly dangerous, for it tends to spread the cancer.

Even massaging a tumor is dangerous!

“Massage of a tumor is followed by massively increased numbers of circulating tumor cells in the blood stream . . Experimental data further suggest that surgical truama decreases natural host [body] resistance to the formation of metastasis . .

“Needle biopsy is occasionally used, [but] . . a needle track may harbor nests of cells which may form the basis for a later recurrent spread.

“Incisional biopsy of certain highly malignant tumors through an open operative field may be contraindicated because of risk of spread of the tumor throughout the operative field.”—ACS and University of Rochester, Clinical Oncology for Medical Students and Physicians, 3rd ed.,32, 34.


X-rays were first aimed at cancerous tumors  in 1899. The first shipment of radium to the United States (1903) was given to the New York Academy of Medicine for the treatment of cancer. More recently, cobalt machines and proton accelerators were developed.But the principle underlying them all is the same as for surgery: While surgery cuts the tumor away, the radiation burns it away. It is, in effect, a radioactive knife, cutting into the tumor while filling nearby tissue with radioactivity. In addition to the problem of metastasizing, following the burning process, there are other problems with radiation treatments.

One problem is that excessive exposure to radioactivity induces cancer! The part of the body where the radiation treatment focused may have been burned out, but the surrounding tissue has tended to have cancer induced into it!

“Energy from the ultraviolet rays of sunlight, and ionizing radiations from X-rays, radium, and other radioactive materials encountered in industry and in the general environment cause a variety of cancers. The pioneer workers with radium and X-rays developed cancers of the skin. Even now,radiologists and others exposed to high total doses of ionizing radiation are more likely to develop leukemia than persons not so exposed. Uranium miners have been found to have a higher than normal incidence of lung cancer.”—Encyclopedia Britannica, 15th edition, 764.

Another problem is the fact that radiation therapy causes normal cells to be more easily damaged than cancer cells. Because tumors contain more non-cancer cells, than cancer cells, the tumor will reduce in size—because the noncancer cells were burned. Oddly enough, the cancer cells tend to be less harmed by the radiation— and remain in the now smaller tumor!

“Radiation and/or radiometic poisons will reduce palpable, gross or measurable tumefactions. Often this reduction may amount to seventy-five per cent or more of the mass of the growth. “For example, a benign uterine myoma will usually melt away under radiation like snow in the sun. If there be neoplastic cells in such a tumor, these will remain. The size of the tumor may thus be decreased by ninety percent while the relative concentration of definitively neoplastic cells is thereby increased by ninety per cent. “As all experienced clinicians know—or at least should know—after radiation or chemotherapy have reduced the gross tumefaction of the lesions, the patient’s general well-being does not substantially improve. To the contrary, there is often an explosive or fulminating increase in the biological malignancy of his lesion. This is marked by the appearance of diffuse metastasis and a rapid deterioration in general vitality followed shortly by death.”—John A. Richardson,M.D.,

Letter to interested Physicians,  November 1972.Beware of all types of X-rays, much less the far more powerful cancer radiation treatments!

In 1971 a Dr. Robert Gibson, at the University of Buffalo, found that fewer than a dozen routine medical X-rays to the same parts of the body increase the risk of leukemia by at least 60% (R.W. Gibson, M.D., National Inquirer, December 5, 1971, 11).

“For each women who is possibly cured by early detection, there are four or five new cancers produced by these X-rays . . In my view this entire matter has become so serious that the NCI would be better off putting the money allotted for future screenings into a trust fund for the victims of the program who will develop cancer in ten to fifteen years’ time.”—Erwin Bross, M.D., National Inquirer, November 30, 1976, 49.

That article was written because Dr. Bross, director of biostatistics at the Roswell Park Memorial Institute of Cancer Research, called for an immediate stoppage to chest X-rays. He charged that the ACS and NCI had ignored the objections of scientists,—so they could obtain government grants of $54 million to carry out the screening.

Yet cancer radiation treatments are far worse! X-rays cause cancer; they do not cure it. Radiation therapy helps no one. The following statement is from the report of the National Surgical Adjuvant Breast Project: “From the data available it would seem that the use of post-operative  irradiation has provided no discernible advantage to patients so treated in terms of increasing the proportion who were free of disease for as long as five years.”—B. Fisher, et., al., “Postoperative Radiotherapy and the Treatment of Breast Cancer; Results of the NSABP Clinical Trials, Annals of Surgery, October 1970.

Dr. Phillip Rubin, Chief of the Division of Radiotherapy at the University of Rochester Medical School, summarized their analysis of the value of radiation therapy for cancer in these words:

“The clinical evidence and statistical data in numerous reviews are cited to illustrate that no increase in survival has been achieved by the addition of irraditation.”—Phillip Rubin,

“The Controversial Status of Radiation Therapy in Lung Cancer,” Speech delivered to the Sixth National Cancer Conference, sponsored by the ACS and the NCI, Denver, Colorado, September 18-20, 1968.

At the same conference Dr. Vera Peters, a Toronto radiologist, said this: “There has been no true improvement in the successful treatment of the disease over the past thirty years.”—Vera Peters, “Radiation Therapy in the Management of Breast Cancer,” op., cit.

In the chapter on “Mutations” in his book, Origin of Life (Volume Two of the three-book Evolution Disproved Series), the present author wrote an article, entitled “Evolutionists’ Paradise” (pp. 424-427). It recounts the stories of the Chernobyl meltdown (April 27, 1990) and the Hiroshima nuclear blast (August 6, 1945). In both instances, large amounts of radiation were released.

Predictably no one was thereby cured of cancer! Instead, the radiation produced large numbers of mutations (all of which produced terrible results) and various diseases, including cancer. Mutations cannot cause the beneficial changes evolutionary theory requires, and radiation cannot cure cancer.


Unlike all other chemical treatments for drugs, the officially approved (orthodox) chemical treatment is based on the concept that every cell in the area of the tumor should be killed, in the hope that the cancer will be destroyed. For this reason, chemotherapy treatment consists of the administering of very powerful (powerful!) poisons. Only those chemical compounds are used which are guaranteed to kill cells.

Chemotherapy began in 1919, when nitrogen mustard was given to leukemia patients. As always, the hope was that the strong poison would kill the cancer before it killed the patient. Regardless of where the cancer is, the resultant poisoning affects the entire system. Dead blood cells cause blood poisoning while violent nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and cramps occur in the stomach and intestines. The reproductive organs are affected, producing sterility or impotency. The brain is wracked with pain. Eyesight and hearing are damaged. The poison is so bad, even the hair falls out!Yet it is well-known among immunologists that one of the best defenses the body has against cancer is a healthy and well-functioning immunological system, which is centered in the white blood cells.

“The importance of the immune system in the defense against neoplastic disease [cancer] seems established. The high incidence of cancer of various types in patients with immune deficiency diseases and in patients who have received immunosuppressive therapy, especially after kidney transplantation, supports the concept that rejection of an incipient malignancy is an important function of the immune system.”— Annals of the New York Academy of Science, Vol. 230, op. cit., 45. Indeed, Dr. George Friou declared that the formation of new cancer cells is not unusual, but are normally overcome by the immune system, before they develop into a recognizable malignancy.But, in order to do that, the immune system must not be in a shattered state. (George J. Friou, M.D., “Relationship of Malignancy, Autoimmunity, and Immunological Disease,” Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, March 18, 1974, 44-45, 48).

Yet the function of chemotherapy drugs, by the design of the drug companies and the request of orthodox medicine—is to destroy the body’s immune system, in the hope that, by doing so, the cancer will die! (“Spontaneous Regression of Cancer: The Metabolic Triumph of the Host?” Annals of the New York Academy of Science, 130.)

—But this will only result in the chemotherapy producing more cancer than it cures!-

You will recall that, in 1919, nitrogen mustard gas was the first chemotherapy given to cancer patients. A little over 20 years later, it was found that workers making mustard gas during World War II had far higher rates of lung cancer (Encyclopedia Britannica, 15th ed., 764).Listen to this: All the currently accepted chemotherapy drugs were given, one at a time, to test animals which had no malignancies,—and produced cancers in those previously healthy animals! (NCI research contract PH-43-68-998.)

Commenting on such facts, Dr. Dean Burk, while head of the Cytochemistry Division of the NCI, made this statement: “Virtually all of the chemotherapeutic anticancer agents now approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use or testing in human cancer patients are

(1) highly or variously toxic at applied dosages;

(2) markly immunosuppressive,that is, destructive of the patient’s native resistance to a variety of diseases including cancer; and

(3) carcinogenic [cancer causing]

. . I submit that a program and series of the FDA-approved compounds that yield only 5%-10% “effectiveness” can scarcely be described as “excellent,” the more so since it represents the total production of a thirty-year effort on the part of all of us in the cancer therapy field.”—Dean Burk, Ph.D., Letter dated April 20, 1973, to the head of the NCI.

As if that seems unbelievable enough, read this: “As yet, no drugs are available to cure most malignant tumors.”—Textbook of Medical-Surgical Nursing, 874. “No chemical agent capable of inducing a general curative effect on disseminated forms of cancer has yet been developed.”—Dr. Robert Sullivan of the Lahey Clinic Foundation, speech at the NCI Clinical Center auditorium, May 18, 1972.

“A cure from chemotherapeutic agents is not considered valid.”—“Spontaneous Regression of Cancer: The Metabolic Triumph of the Host?” Annals of the New York Academy of Science,179

James D. Watson, Ph.D., was a co-discoverer of the structure of the DNA molecule, for which he received the Noble prize. This scientist is quite knowledgeable in the medical research field and has the integrity to speak out:

“The American public is being sold a nasty bill of goods about cancer. While they’re being told about cancer cures, the cure rate has improved only about one percent. The grim cancer statistics are about as bad as ever. Today, the press releases coming out of the National Cancer Institute have all the honesty of the Pentagon’s.”—Dr. James Watson, quoted by attorney George Kell, in testimony before the California Assembly Committee of Health, May 20, 1976.

The handling of cancer statistics is a problem.

Dr. Hardin Jones, professor of medical physics and physiology at the University of California at Berkeley, is a recognized authority on cancer demography (cancer statistics). In a speech at the 1969 conference of the ACS, he declared that there is usually a wide difference between the published statistics about cancer success rates and the actual results of practicing physicians who universally experience a low success rate. The variation is accomplished by tampering with the statistics (Hardin B. Jones, Ph.D., “Report on Cancer,” paper delivered to the ACS 11th Annual Science Writers Conference, New Orleans, March 7,1969).

In his speech, Dr. Jones went on to explain some of the techniques used to “doctor” the statistics.One method is loading the statistics with easy to-heal skin cancers, plus a large number of conditions which may not have been cancer.

Another technique is to list any of the controls who died as having died while not listing any of the patients under treatment who died as having died.

In conclusion, Jones said this:“The apparent life expectancy of untreated cases of cancer after such adjustment in the table seems to be greater than that of the treated cases.”—Ibid.

The medical researchers, to whom this book and this chapter are written,—do you realize what that means? If you contract cancer, according Dr. Hardin Jones, an expert in cancer statistics, you will live longer if you just stay at home, make no changes, keep living the way you have been, and pay for no treatment!

This is why “cancer screening” and “early detection of cancer” by the physicians is even more dangerous! The quicker they apply the cut, burn, and poison, the quicker you will die.

Six years later, Dr. Jones must have retired, for then he really told it straight. Read this and burn it into your memory:

“You see, it is not the cancer that kills the victim. It’s the breakdown of the defense mechanism that eventually brings death. “With every cancer patient who keeps in excellant physical shape and boosts his health to build up his natural resistance, there’s a high chance that the body will find its own defense against cancer. He may have many good years left in good health. He shouldn’t squander them by being made into a hopeless invalid through radical intervention which has zero chance of extending his life.”—Hardin Jones, Ph.D.,quoted in Midnight, September 1, 1975.

“It is utter nonsense to claim that catching cancer symptoms early enough will increase the patient’s chances of survival. Not one medical scientist or study has proven that in any way . .

“My studies have proved conclusively that untreated cancer victims actually live up to four times longer than treated individuals.”—Hardin B. Jones, Ph.D., quoted in Daniel S. Greenberg,“Cancer: Now the Bad News,” Private Practice,May 1975, 68.


Research scientists, the “proven cures” of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy do not exist.We need your help. Give us something better,something based on better living, which will give us longer living.We have spent billions, multiplied over and over again, on cancer research and treatment.

The money spent has accomplished nothing.

There is no such thing as a “fight against cancer.” Every year, the number of people dying of

cancer increases.

1900 – 62 per thousand.

1910 – 76.2 per thousand.

1933 – 105 per thousand.

1948 – 143 per thousand.

1976 – 171 per thousand.

1995 – 237 per thousand.

A typical edition of the book, Unproven Methods,published by the American Cancer Society,lists 58 unproven methods of treating cancer. By this is meant that these 58 methods have not been tested by the ACS, SKI, or NIH, and shown to be worthwhile.On that annotated list only about 10 were examined.

Some were given a cursory examination and the notation of “no investigation.”

It would appear that, at this rate, the book on “unproven methods” will continue to be published,since recognized authorities are not interested in doing any proving.

Medical researchers, we need your help!

Please carry out the needed testing on worthwhile methods, publish your findings, and demand that action be taken on them!


The following organizations are especially active on the political front, and are also clearinghouses,able to provide you with information on places where alternative treatment may be obtained.

There is a wealth of data available here!

Alliance for Alternative Medicine. P.O. Box 59, Liberty Lake, WA 99019 Ph: 509-255-9246.

A political action group for freedom of choice in medicine. Also provides information about alternative treatment centers and supportgroups.

Arlin J. Brown Information Center. P.O. Box 251, Fort Belvoir, VA 22060 Ph: (703) 752-9511

A clearinghouse for information regarding alternative cancer therapies. Information available upon request.

Cancer Control Society. 2043 North Berendo Street, Los Angeles, CA 90027 Ph: (213)663-7801

Provides listings and information on alterative cancer treatment centers and patients who have recovered from various cancers using alternative therapies. Particular emphasis on metabolic therapies. Also sponsors an annual convention showcasing 40-50 alternative practitioners who treat cancer.

The CCS publishes a magazine—Cancer Control Journal—with news and features on alternate therapies. It maintains the Cancer Book House with “books and reprints on nutrition, cancer, and other related diseases.”

Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Therapy. P.O. Box 1242, Old Chelsea Station,New York, NY 10113 Ph: (212) 741-2790.

A clearinghouse for information regarding alternative cancer therapies, emphasizing nutritional and metabolic approaches.

International Association for Cancer Victors and Friends. 7740 West Manchester Avenue Suite 110, Playa del Rey, CA 90293 Ph:(310) 822-5032.

Provides information and listings on alternative cancer treatment centers and patients who have recovered from cancer using alternative methods.Focus is on cancer treatments and scientific research conducted around the world.

People Against Cancer. P.O. Box 10, Otho, Iowa 50569 Ph: (515) 972-4444

A nonprofit grassroots membership organization dedicated to cancer prevention and medical freedom of choice. Provides counseling and information on alternative cancer treatments.

World Research Foundation. 15300 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 405, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 Ph: (818) 907-5483

Large research library of alternative medicine.Library is open to the public. Provides a computer search and printout of specific health issues for a nominal fee.

Committee for Freedom of Choice in Cancer Therapy, Inc., 146 Main Street, Suite 408, Los Altos, CA 94022

The Committee for Freedom of Choice in cancer is a nonprofit organization, subsisting on contributions from its committees and friends.” The committee’s main activity has been to lobby for the legalization of laetrile.

Publishes The Choice.

International Association of Cancer Victims and Friends. 7740 Manchester Avenue,Suite 110, Playa del Rey, CA 90291 Ph:(213) 822-5032

Publishers of the Cancer News Journal, “a layman’s journal for laymen and professionals.”The IACVF describes itself as a “charitable,educational, nonprofit organization that serves as a clearinghouse for the accumulation of material on nontoxic cancer therapies and other related topics for laymen and professionals. As a lay organization we cannot prescribe, only provide enlightenment on the current status of various cancer therapies, approaches to prevention, and research achievements.”

National Health Federation. P.O. Box 688, 212 West Foothill Boulevard, Monrovia, CA 91016 Ph: (213) 357-2181

“The National Health Federation is America’s largest organized non-commercial health consumer group. It is a nonprofit corporation founded in 1955. Its members believe that health freedoms are inherently guaranteed to us as human beings, and our right to them as Americans is implied in the words ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’ . .

The NHF opposes monopoly and compulsion in things related to health where the safety and welfare of others are not concerned . .” The NHF publishes the National HealthFederation Bulletin and Public Scrutiny.

Second Opinion. P.O. Box 548, Bronx, NY 10468

“Second Opinion is the voice of rank-and-file employees of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. It presents news and opinions of the Center and the cancer field from the employees’ point of view . . In cancer, we believe in putting prevention first; making research relevant to human diseases; an open-minded policy toward new and unorthodox methods; making the best treatment available to all people; taking the profits out of cancer.”

Cancer Federation. P.O. Box 52109, Riverside, CA 92517 Ph: (714) 682-7989. CanHelp. 3111 Paradise Bay Road, PortLudlow, WA 98365 Ph: (206) 437-2291

National Self-Help Clearinghouse, 25 West 43rd Street, Room 620, New York, NY 10036

Nutrition Education Association, Inc., 3647 Glen Haven, Houston, Texas 77025 Ph: (713) 665-2946

Patient Advocates for Advanced Cancer Treatments, Inc. (PAACT), 1143 Parmelee NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504 Ph: (616)453-1477

Committee for Freedom of Choice in Medicine,1180 Walnut Avenue, Chula Vista, CA 92011 Ph: 800-227-4473

International Academy of Nutrition and Prevention Medicine. P.O. Box 18433,Asheville, NC 28814 Ph: (704) 258-3243

International Association of Cancer Victors & Friends. 7740 W. Manchester Ave. No. 110,Playa del Rey, CA 90293 Ph: (213) 822-5032

Linus Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine. 440 Page Mill Road, Palo Alto, CA 91945. Ph: (415) 327-4064

Orthomolecular Project Cure. 5910 North Central Expressway, Suite 760, Dallas, Texas 75206 Ph: (214) 891-6111, Legal Issues.



Listed here are all of the alternative therapy clinics and hospitals mentioned throughout the book, plus some additional ones. Patients at nearly every one are treated under the supervision of M.D.s.

Laetrile: Contreras Clinic—Hospital Earnesto Contreras, Paseo Playas de Tijuana, No. 19,Tijuana, B.C. Mexico Ph: 011 52-66-80-1850 / (800) 262-0212 / (800) 523-8795

(Rest of U.S.A.).

Laetrile: Navarro Clinic—Manuel D. Navarro,M.D., 3553 Sining St., Morningside Terrace Santa Mesa, Manila 2806 Philippines.

Laetrile: Richardson Clinic—John A.Richardson, M.D., Clinic in Albany, California.

Gerson Therapy—For most people, the U.S.address and phone number will be easier towork with: Gerson Institute, P.O. Box 430,Bonita, California 91908. Phone: 619-585-7600 or 619-267-1150. Fax: 619-367-6441.Automated voice information 24 hrs/day: 1-888-4-GERSON.Web: Email:

Gerson Institute: Mexico—The primary Gersontreatment center is Hospital Meridien, Lava #2971, Secc. Costa Hermosa, Playas de Tijuana, B.C., Mexico, CP22240. Phone:011-52-66-801358. Fax: 011-52-66-801831.Web: Hospital Meridien is 30 minutes south of downtown San Diego.

Gerson Institute: Arizona—A recently opened U.S. treatment center is the Gerson Center at Sedona, 78 Canyon Diablo, Sedona, AZ 86351. Phone or write the Bonita, California, office, above. GCS, the Sedona facility, islocated 100 miles north of Phoenix, and 28 miles south of Flagstaff, near Sedona, a small town of 8,000 Hospital Santa Monica—c/o Dr. Ross Pelton,P.O. Box 81365, San Diego, 92138-1365(The hospital is located in Tijuana, Mexico.)

Hoxsey Therapy—Bio-Medical Center, P.O. Box727, 615 General Ferreira, Colonia Juarez Tijuana, Mexico 22000Ph: 011-52-66-84-9011 / 011-52-66-84-9081 011-52-66-84-9082 / 011-52-66-84-9376

Antineoplaston Therapy—Burzynski Clinic,6221 Corporate Drive, Houston, TX 77036 Ph: 713-777-8233

Chelation Therapy—American College of Advancement of Medicine, 23121 Verdugo Drive, Suite 204, Laguna Hills, CA 92653Ph: 714-583-7666; 800-532-3688714X—

C.O.S.E., Inc., 5270 Fontaine, Rock Forest, Quebec, Canada J1N3B6 Ph: 819-564-7883

Syracuse Cancer Research Institute—Presidential Plaza, 600 East Genesee Street, Syracuse, NY 13202 Ph: (315) 472-6616

Immuno-Augmentative Therapy Center—P.O.Box F-2689, Freeport, Grand Bahama Ph:(809) 352-7455

IAT Patients Support Group—Mr. Frank Wiewel, P.O. Box 10, Otho, IA 50569-0010 Ph: (515) 972-4444

Issel’s Whole Body Therapy—Akbar Clinc,4000 East 3rd Street, Panama City, FL 32404 Ph: (904) 763-7689

Kelley’s Nutritional Metabolic Therapy—Nicholas Gonzales, M.D., 737 Park Avenue,New York, NY 10021 Ph: (212) 535-3993

Revici Therapy—Emanuel Revici, M.D., 26 East 36th Street, New York, 10016 Ph: (212) 685-0111

Livingston Therapy—Livingston Foundation Medical Center, 3232 Duke Street, San DiegoCA 92110 Ph: (619) 224-3515 [By State order, Livingston no longer gives the special injection.]



SUBSTANCES AVAILABLE AT MOST HEALTH FOOD STORES—Vitamin C, vitamin E,beta-carotene, omega-3 (flaxseed oil), germanium-132, chaparral, pau d’arco,


USING IT—Hydrazine sulfate, clodronate, isoprinosine, urea (urea may also be purchased inexpensively in the U.S.)

ANTINEOPLASTONS—The Burzynski Clinic, 6221 Corporate Drive, Houston, TX 77036

ESSIAC—P.A.H. Products, P.O. Box 2665,Mission, KS 66201 / 800-318-2666

Sawnson Products, P.O. Box 2803, Fargo, ND58102 / 701-277-1662

L&H Vitamins, 37-10 Crescent St., Long IslandCity, NY 11101 / 718-937-7400

HOXSEY TREATMENT—The Bio-Medical Center, P.O. Box 727, 615 General Ferreira,Colonia Juarez, Tijuana, Mexico 22000, Ph:011-52-66-84-9011

HYDROGEN PEROXIDE—International Bio-Oxidative Medicine Foundation, P.O. Box 13205, Oklahoma City, OK 73113-1205 Ph:(405) 478-4266, or / Hospital Santa Monica,4100 Bonita Road, Bonita, CA 91910 Ph:(800) 359-6547 / (619) 428-1147

IMMUNO-AUGMENTATIVE THERAPY—Immuno-Augmentative Therapy Centre, P.O.Box F-2689, Freeport, Grand Bahama Ph:(809) 352-7455, or / People Against Cancer,P.O. Box 10, Otho, IA 50569-0010 Ph: (515)972-4444

LAETRILE—Hospital Ernesto Contreras, 494 Calle Primera, Suite 904, San Ysidro, CA 92173 Ph: (800) 326-1850

LIVINGSTON-WHEELER THERAPY—Livingston Foundation Medical Center, 3232 Duke Street, San Diego, CA 92110 Ph: (619)224-3515

KELLEY PROGRAM—Dr. Nicholas Gonzales,737 Park Ave., New York, NY 10021 Ph:(212) 535-3993

MISTLETOE—Physicians Association for Anthroposophical Medicine, P.O. Box 269,Kimberton, PA 19442 714X—

Centre d’Orthobiologie, Somatidienne de l’Estrie (C.O.S.E.), 5270 Fontaine, RockForest, Quebec J1N 3B6, Canada Ph: (819)


SHARK CARTILAGE—Cartilade, from Cartilage Technologies, Inc., 222 Grace Church St.,Suite 204-A, Port Chester, NY 10573-5155 Ph: (914) 939-9000, or / Allergy Research

Group, 400 Preda St., San Leandro, CA 94577 Ph: (800) 545-9960.

VITAMIN C (bulk)—Bronson’s P.O. Box 628,LaCanada, CA 91012-0628 Ph: (800) 235-3200

The remainder of this supply listing are Gerson supply sources. Those on theGerson therapy may obtain some of these items at lower prices, if they so notify the vender:

GERSON SUPPLIES—The various items used by outpatients, which cannot be obtained locally, are obtained as follows:

GERSON Rx PRESCRIPTIONS AND SUPPLIES—STAT, S.A., Apartado Postal 2392,Tijuana BCN, Mexico Ph: 011-526-680-1103

GERSON SUPPLIES—Baja Hosp. Services, P.O.Box 3535, Chula Vista, CA 91911 Ph: 619-425-1557. Here are examples of what ismeant by “supplies”: Lugol’s [iodine] solution,potassium compound, potassium gluconate, acidoll [HCl], niacin, flaxseed oil,castile soap, enema buckets, food mill, etc.

Some of these supplies (such as Lugol’s)would be difficult to obtain elsewhere.

ORGANIC FOODS—Gerson emphasizes eating,if at all possible, organically grown fruits and vegetables. In order to learn whether this is feasible in your area, and if you can afford them, you may wish to contact OFPANA, Box 1078, Greenfield, MA, 10301 Ph: (413) 74-7511. Or you can order a U.S. directory of sources: The book is called Organic Wholesaler’s Directory and Yearbook,community Alliance with Family Farmers,Box 464, Davis, CA 95617 Ph: 916-756-8518. c. $35, plus $5 shipping.

FLAXSEED OIL—If you cannot obtain it at your health-food store, here are addresses for ordering it direct (it might even be fresher ordered direct): Omega Nutrition, 5373 Guide Meridian, Bldg. B, Bellingham, WA 98226 Ph: 800-661-3529. Keeps unopened in freezer up to 6 months, and in refrigerator 3 months. After opening, keep it no longer than three weeks. / One of the best flaxseed Manufacturers is Barlean’s high lignan Flax Oil, 4936 Lake Terrell Rd., Ferndale, WA 98248

JUICER (TRITIATOR AND PRESS)—Gersonsays centrifigal juices are all right for most diseases; but, for cancer and bone-deformity conditions, a pulp grinder and press are needed. If you have lots of money ($2,000)the Norwalk Juicer and electric hydraulic press is the best: Norwalk Juicer, c/o Richard Boger, (800) 405-8423 in U.S., or (619)755-8423 outside U.S. / Lower-cost set, with manual press (requires work!):

K&K Grinderand Press, c/o Al Hasser, 14410 Big Canyon Rd, Middletown, CA 95461 Ph: (707) 928-5970.

Shredder $750, and press $275. / Can substitute Champion juicer as a lower-cost shredder: Lodi Health Foods, 521 S. CentralAve., Lodi, CA 95240 Ph: (209)334-3868.

$189 plus shipping. If you want a used, later model of a used Norwalk Juicer, call Richard Boger at 519-755-8423. Also phone 619-585-7600 and ask for their used Norwalk Juicer list. At the present time, they run about $1,500; saving you over $500.

OZONE GENERATOR—To purify the air, give off ozone and negative ions. Mountain Fresh Services, P.O. Box 1915, Bonita, CA 91908 Ph: (619) 656-9077 Fax: (619) 656-6627


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